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Control key is used with another key to give a command. When held down while using the mouse, it usually invokes secondary mouse functions. (e.g. moving a copy of an object instead of moving the object itself)

Domain (Material Domain)

A material domain is a basic element of a flixo document / cross section.. A material domain will be displayed as a conjoined area or a composition of several such areas.

Draft Mode

In draft mode the defined material domains are not filled with color. Only the edges of material domains can be seen.


Moves an object by clicking on it and holding down the mouse button, dragging the object to the desired location, and then releasing the mouse button.


The escape key is used to cancel a process.

Exterior Edge

An exterior edge is a component edge, which surrounds all material domains.


A guideline is a vertical or horizontal line, whose position can be precisely defined. Guidelines can be used to align objects.


The grid is composed of regularly distributed points within the working area. These points can be used to align objects.

Graphic Objects

Graphical Objects are not included in the calculation. They are used to illustrate the results and facilitate legibility.

Interior Edge

An interior edge is a component edge, which is completely surrounded by a material domain, e.g. floor heating systems, and chimneys.


Linie in a cross-section with the same temperature.


The mesh is a geometric subdivision of the material domain, which is necessary to create the equation system needed to do the analysis. It influences the precision of the numerical solution.

Numerical Solution

The numerical solution is the result of the mesh generation and the calculation of the physical model.

Parametric Objects

These are objects, whose edge lengths can be edited with the Select, Move, Scale tool. The coordinates of the corner points can be adjusted according to predefined corner rules. These are objects which can be adjusted rather than redrawn.

Proof Mode

In proof mode all properties of the defined material domains and objects are shown.


The shift key switches from lower case letters to upper case letters as long as the key is held down.


Snap-to lets you move objects freely with the mouse, but the reference point will "snap-to" objects, guidelines, or grid points. Moved objects will always snap to the point which is nearest when the mouse button is released. The snap-to settings determine where the object will actually snap to.


These are lines where heat conducts through the construction. Between 2 adjacent streamlines flows the same amount of energy. A greater density of streamlines in a construction indicates an areas of high energy conduction.


The tabulator key is often used to change foci within the program.

Tool tip

Tool tips are small text boxes that appear when the mouse hovers over a command, button, or area that has a tool tip.