Subtraction of Objects

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Subtraction of Objects


The Subtraction operation allows you to subtract a domain from one or more domains. The domain which is selected last will be subtracted from the other domains.

When only two domains are selected, then the resulting object is created from the left over area of the first selected domain. When more than two domains are involved, then the marked domain will be subtracted from all other selected domains. The resulting objects all take on the same material properties of the first selected object.

Figure 1: Before

Figure 2: After the subtraction of the two objects


Activate the Select, Move, Scale tool and mark all the material domains, from which you want to subtract.

Hold down the Shift key and select the domain you want to subtract from the others.

Use the command Subtract from the Arrange menu or click on the icon located on the Arrange toolbar.

Figure 3: Arrange toolbar