Unification of Objects

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Unification of Objects


This operation unites selected material domains. The result of the unification is a single object, which takes on the form of the sum of all participating domains. This operation allows the creation of a single object out of many different domains, or the creation of domains that contain cavities, but are composed of one single object.

The operation will unite all overlapping material domains, the border lines will be automatically removed.

If there are domains with different materials, then the new domain will assume the material of the domain that was first selected.

Figure 1: Before the unification

Figure 2: After the unification of the two objects


Activate the Select, Move, Scale tool, and select the domains that you would like to unify.

Choose the command Unite from the Arrange menu or click on the icon, which is located on the Arrange toolbar.


Figure 3: Arrange toolbar