SVG Import/Export

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SVG Import/Export


Settings that are used when importing and exporting SVG files.

Note that these settings must be set before you open or save a SVG file.


1 Unit corresponds

If no other respective value has been defined in the imported file, this default value is taken into account for non-dimensional coordinate entries in Building SVG files.


If this option is marked, all domain definitions without any material specifications will also be imported and assigned with the corresponding material. If not, they will be ignored.

Fill with

Material name used for filling domains without any specific material properties. If the material is not present in the document, a new one will be created.

Cavity Material

Cavity material name used for filling cavities in a domain (like a tube). If the material is not present in the document, a new cavity material will be created according to EN ISO 10077-2.

Export Physical Model

If this option is selected, the physical model will also be exported.

Mirror everything vertically

If this option is selected, all data will be mirrored vertically. This option should be set for applications - e.g. browsers - where the positive y-axis points to the bottom.