Dimension Style

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Dimension Style


This style is applied when you work with the Dimension tool. The dimension style consists of an automatically generated line combination, which displays the distance between two points.


General Tab


Here, you define the name of the style. You cannot leave this field empty; the chosen name must be unique, i.e. not identical to another existing name. Aside from these limitations, you are free to choose any name.

Click on the language abbreviation in this field to set the name in all supported languages.


Number of decimal places or significant digits, which are to be displayed. The kind - Decimal Points or Significant - you can select using the adjacent drop down-list.

Thousands delimiter

The digits left of the decimal point will be grouped into thousands.

Show units

The appropriate units will be shown after each numerical value. The units can be adjusted in the Units tab of the Options dialog window.

Show result symbols

The appropriate symbol (dependent on what type of value) will be displayed before each numerical value.


This setting group determines the properties of the dimension lines (color, style, size and type).

Note that some of the lines cannot be shown when their thickness exceeds 0.394 mm.

End Point Markers

Here, you can determine how the ends of distance lines should look like. There is a drop down lists that shows the different possibilities. The same style is used for both ends of a distance line.

Font Tab