Psi-value 2 Constructions

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Psi-value 2 Constructions

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Psi-Values with 2 Components will be usefully calculated for constructions where 2 components are connected (e.g. wall ceiling junction, roof wall junction) or where a construction is interrupted by a single component (e.g. mullion of a curtain wall).


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Psi-value 2 Constructions



A Psi-value with 2 components is defined using the Psi-Value tool 2 Components by applying 3 mouse clicks. The first two points define the surface line, through which the effective heat flow should be calculated counterclockwise. The third point (reference point) divides the surface into 2 parts with different U-values. The points are captured if the snap functions  are active (Grid , Guidelines and Objects , cf. menu Arrange).

You can adjust the properties of the Psi-value calculation in the Properties flyout.

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