Creating template-based documents

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Creating template-based documents

Generally, all flixo documents are based on a template. If, while generating a new document, you do not specify which template the document should be based on, then the document is automatically based on the template Normal_DE.flt. You can only select a template, if you generate the new document with the menu command File.New.... If you use the icon to create a new document, then it will automatically be based on the Normal_DE.flt template.

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Creating a new document based on a specific document template


A new document based on a specific template can be generated with the command File.New. The template can be selected from the dialog window which then appears.

Retroactively, the layout of a report can be adjusted with the command File.Template...Because the adjustment cannot be reversed, the document should be saved before any changes are made.
When changing a template, the layout and all Result Object properties, as well as the visible attributes and legends of the new template are assumed, while all results generated with tools are deleted.