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"File" Menu


Creates a new flixodocument based on a document template. The document template can be chosen from a dialog window. The creation of a new document template is explained in Lesson 5.


Opens a flixo document from a volume.

Recent Files

Displays a list of the recently used files. Select the desired file, and it will open in a new window.


A submenu with commands to calculate the temperature distribution of either all not calculated constructions, all constructions or a selected construction.

Batch Calculations...

Allows the calculation of several constructions at the same time. The definition of the files to be calculated, along with the activation of the calculation is done through a special dialog window.

Remove Calculation

Deletes the mesh and calculation data  of the current construction.


Imports files of various formats. DXF files, SVG files, and ISO2 files can be imported. The file type can be changed in the corresponding dialog window from the list "File Type:". From the list "Template" the file template can be defined as the basis for the document to be imported. DXF file imports are explained in Lesson 3.


Exports the current report page as a graphics or a SVG file. You can also choose to export only the selected objects. The type of file can be changed in the corresponding dialog window from the list "File Type". Here, you can also define the resolution of the picture for the graphics file formats.

Export to

Exports the temperature landscape of the current result object to the called program. This command is only active when the file was directly imported from another program.


Closes the active document.


Saves the active document. If the file is being saved for the first time, then a file dialog window appears where the file name and directory path can be defined.

Save As...

Save as saves the file in a new location and under a new name.

Save All

Saves all the active files.


Sends the current document to the default printer.

Print Preview...

Displays the print preview screen.

Page Setup...

Opens the Page Setup dialog window where the page and print settings are displayed and can be adjusted.


Saves the current document, and starts the default email program, and adds the data as an attachment.


Changes the document template. All reports and settings will be replaced by those selected in the document template. The document template can be selected in a dialog window . The creation of document templates is explained in Lesson 5.


Opens the Translations dialog window, where the translations for all names, descriptions, labels etc. for the multiple language support can be adjusted for the active document and support of a new language can be added.


Opens the Properties dialog window, where the document properties are displayed and can be adjusted.


Exits the active file.