Creating a standard report page

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Creating a standard report page

The presentation of the results output (such as isotherms, streamlines, used materials), which influence the whole object , can be determined with the help of predefined result object properties (defined in the different report pages of the template).  

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Defining default report pages


Report pages can be renamed by double clicking on the corresponding tab at the bottom of the application window or by selecting the corresponding command from the tab context menu. New report pages are created with the context menu command Insert New Page and existing report pages are deleted with the context menu command Delete Page.

The results are displayed with help of result objects. With 2 clicks of the Result Object tool , a rectangular place holder is created, which is replaced by the actual construction after the calculation. The corner points are captured, if the snap functions are active (Grid , Guidelines and Object , see menu Arrange).

For every result object, different properties can be determined, which should be displayed. The Result Properties Flyout can either be activated with the context menu command Properties, with the menu command Edit.Properties... or by double clicking on the result object. Individual properties can also be activated or deactivated directly in the result object context menu or in the Results menu of the selected result object.

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