Master-Report page

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Master-Report page

All elements, which are present on a report page (e.g. logo, author, guidelines, page number, file name, etc.), will be added to the Master-Report page. These elements can be hidden on any given page by clicking on the page and by editing the entry ("Ref:") on the reference layer (see Layers tab).

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Master report page


A new document template is generated by creating a new document (cf. File.New) and then saving this document as a template (cf. Saving the document template).

Elements, which should appear on all report pages are inserted into the Master-Report page and can only be edited in this page.

Guidelines can be created in the Guidelines dialog window or by clicking within the rulers encompassing the application window. Marked guidelines can be adjusted either in the tool properties of the Select, Move, Scale tool or using the keyboard in the Properties flyout.

A new layer can be created in the Layers flyout . New elements are always added to the Focus layer.

You can insert pictures and field functions. Field functions are place holders, which display results after they have been generated. The type and properties of the field functions can be determined in a dialog window.

Objects can proportionately be reduced or enlarged with the Select, Move, Scale tool , while the Shift key is held down.

Selected objects can be moved with the arrow keys.

New fonts can be created in the Styles flyout .

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