3D equivalent Object

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3D equivalent Object

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In this dialog window you define the properties of periodically appearing, 3-dimensional objects according to EN ISO 12631. The definition and use of a screw as an example of a 3-dimensional object is explained in detail in lesson 8 .

Consider that applying an equivalent 3-dimensional object is only an approximation of a 3-dimensional calculation and doesn't replace it for critical cases.



Select the material of the 3D object in this list. The equivalent material properties are calculated either by geometric mean or according to pr EN ISO 12631, depending on the diameter, the distance and the adjacent materials.


Here you define the type of the periodically appearing 3D object. Following types are supported:

Screw: periodically appearing screws. The screw head and screw pile shaft have the same material properties.

Rectangular cross section: periodically appearing disturbances with a rectangular cross section.

: Screw EN ISO 12631: periodically appearing screws. The equivalent lambda value is calculated according to EN ISO 12631.

Only horizontal or vertical screws are supported. The orientation of a screw is considered as horizontal, if the horizontal dimension of the bounding rectangle of the screw is greater than the vertical one.  

Diameter or depth

Diameter of the circle cross section or depth of the rectangle cross section.


Axis distance of the periodic 3D objects


Inherits all data and closes the dialog.


Cancels the whole action.