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flixo is a tool to analyze the thermal properties of a design or construction, and to document those results. Two main tools comprise flixo: a CAD workspace and entry tool, and a document generation tool. flixo calculates and gives an overview of temperatures and heat flux; it shows temperatures in specific places along with other global thermal properties.





flixo was developed by Infomind ltd

The most important features of flixo :

Very user friendly, many input aids and wizard to reduce data input time

Complete integration with  Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Graphical arrangement of the calculated results on a report page

Easy import of files from 3rd party CAD programs through DXF and SVG interface

Results can be exported into a graphic format as SVG files, or be exported into other programs via Drag&Drop or the clipboard  

Free forms

A materials database with more than 1000 materials from different European standards (EN ISO 10456, EN ISO 10077-2, EN 673, EN ISO 6946, ISO 15099)

Library with numerous components (like window, walls, floors etc.) for fast creation of constructions using parametric components

Tools and assistants for automatic calculation of temperatures, thermal currents, and component property values like U-values, Ψ-values, frame U-values

Calculation with the finite element method

Automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement at critical points

Number of temperature nodes is unlimited, and is only restricted by the hardware employed

Calculation of thermal conductivities for air cavities, automatic filling of not fully enclosed cavities, automatic placement of special boundary, and automatic subdivision of air cavities according to EN ISO 10077-2 and ISO 15099:2003

Support of multiple languages in one document and different unit systems

Assistants for automatic calculation of joint U-values, joint Ψ-values and the influence of screws according to EN ISO 12631


This manual shows all features of flixo . Features that are not in all, but only in certain versions of flixo, are identified specifically:

this feature is included in flixo pro

this feature is included in flixo frame

this feature is included in flixo energy plus

this feature is included in flixo energy