What's new in version 8.1

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What's new in version 8.1

A selection of the new features and improvements of the flixo version 8.1:

Model und Results

Automatic creation of Model Versions using rules

Determing of the relativ humidity distribution inside the construction caused by vapor distribution according to Glaser

Psi-Value tool with new "Custom"  type for complex Psi-Value calculations

More flexible Psi-Value calculations

Calculation of Ufr-/Ueg-Value according to ISO 15099

Calculation of the heat transfer inside cavities and glass fillings according to ISO 15099

Label tool to highlight corners in the model,  to which the calculation of results  can refer

The calculation of characteristic values (e.g. Psi-Value) can be linked to other calcutions (e.g. equivalent U-Value)

The calculation of characteristic values (e.g. fRSi-Value) can be linked to document properties (e.g. exterior temperature)

Extended support of unit sytsems and languages

Glazing unit with integrated spacer and additional calculation type (emissivity, type of gas filling)

Homogeneous component with specified U-value

Import of THERM files

User defined calculation of Uf-Values and UTJ-Values for special models (e.g. corners)

More flexibel and custom Roller shutter box U-Value calculation

Optimized mesh generation near singularities

Columns of material and boundary conditions list can be shown or hidden in the Property-Flyout

Rows of the material and boundary conditions list can be sorted in the Property-Flyout alphabetically or according their types


User interface

Objects can directly be deleted,moved and shown in the Layer-Flyout

Styles are grouped in the Style-Flyout

Extended options to edit the properties of the selected objects in the Property-Flyout zu bearbeiten

Assigning a material to all objects of a group by  holding down the SHIFT key

Rotating of guide lines

Extended support of Region settings