Extending construction

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Extending construction

The construction can be completed and adjusted in different ways. You can position elements exactly, enlarge regains and create missing objects.

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Extending the construction


The origin of the coordinate system can be adjusted by clicking on the icon in the upper left hand corner of both rulers, by dragging the mouse in direction of the new origin and by then releasing.

While adjusting the position of an object with the keyboard (cf. Select, Move, Scale tool) the x- and y- coordinates indicate the position of the reference point .

The order and visibility of objects are taken into account when calculated. The order of the selected domain can be adjusted in the menu Arrange or by clicking on the corresponding icon (, , respectively ) in the Arrange toolbar .

A rectangular domain is defined with two mouse clicks of the Rectangular Domain tool. The corner points are captured with active snap functions (Grid , Guidelines and Objects , cf. menu Arrange). The inputs can be entered partially with the mouse and partially with the keyboard.

The tool flyout is activated by first pressing the TAB key. You can switch the focus step by step to the next control field of the tool flyout by further pressing the TAB key.

You can activate the Select, Move, Scale tool temporarily by held down Alt key. After releasing the Alt key the previous tool is active again.

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