Frame U-value

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Frame U-value


This option is only available for constructions, which are recognized according to EN ISO 1007-2 as window frame U-value calculations:

All glass units and panels are replaced by calibration panels

The thermal conductivity of the panel is 0.035 W/(mK).

The visible part of the panel is at least 190 mm.

There are exactly two room temperatures on the boundary conditions.

There are exactly 2 adiabatic boundary conditions ("Symmetry/Model Section" ) each one on both model sections.

The automatic frame U-value calculation is also available for transoms and mullions (not mentioned in the standard). In which case, both glass units need to be replaced by an appropriate panel.

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Frame U-value


The Uf-value can be calculated for constructions that fulfill all the conditions of the standard.

The calculation of the Uf-value is started for the selected result object by choosing the menu command Results.U-Wert->Frame Uf-Value... or by activating the context menu command of the specific result object or by selecting the result object with the U-Value tool Frame U-Value. In the Uf-Value dialog window that appears, all frame materials (without stripping's) are determined.

The frame materials and other properties which influence the calculation can be adjusted in the Properties flyout.

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