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Documents Flyout



The Documents flyout allows the management, searching and filtering of documents in a file directory.

In the upper part of the selected directory the list of the flixo documents is visible, in the lower part the preview of the selected documents (cf. file 1). The preview is only possible for files from the most actual flixo.

Figure 1: Documents flyout

Searching Files

If you are searching for specific documents in the selected directory including subdirectories you can use the filter function.

Figure 2: Documents Search dialog window

Figure 3: Toolbar

To search for a document in the file list of the selected directory click on the icon in the Flyout toolbar, or use the context menu command (right click) Search.... The Documents Search dialog window appears.

Under Name you can enter the component name or part of the component name that you are looking for. After you have defined the filter criteria, click on OK, and the filter results will be displayed in the component database window of the flyout.

You can switch in the component database window between the Filter Criteria and the Filtered View settings by clicking on the icon in the Flyout toolbar or by using the context menu command (right click) Filtered View.

Defining Start Directory

You can adjust the Start Directory for displaying flixo documents. Enter the directory path into the control field in

the Flyout toolbar or click on the button "..." in the toolbar (cf. figure 3). You can select the directory in the dialog window.