Menu Commands

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Menu Commands

In this chapter, you will find a complete list of the menu commands and their explanations.

The menu structure in flixo follows the general conventions. The usual commands, like Undo, are located in the same spots as in other Windows programs.

Functions that are used often are found on the toolbars, on the active dialogs, or can be activated through the context menu commands (right click) on objects. You can hide or unhide a symbol toolbar by right clicking on an active toolbar and by (de)selecting the desired toolbar or by using the menu command Toolbars in the menu View.

You can customize your toolbars with the menu command Customize in the Toolbars menu.

Subjects in this chapter:

File Processes: "File" Menu

General Editing: "Edit" Menu

Display Settings: "View" Menu

Inserting Objects: "Insert" Menu

Arranging Objects: "Arrange" Menu

Selecting Tools: "Tools" Menu

Setting up a Report: "Results" Menu

Window Management: "Window" Menu

Help: "Help" Menu