Calculating variants, customizing reports, detailed analysis

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Calculating variants, customizing reports, detailed analysis

In this episode we will create and calculate variants. We will customize the layout of the report and finally demonstrate the application of all result tools.

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The reports are based on a template (see tutorial 6). Both General results (such as Isotherms, Legends) and object specific results exist. General results for the selected result object can be predefined in a template with a menu command (see Results), with the result object context menu or with the Properties flyout . Object specific results are prompted with specialized tools.

Results are prompted and displayed on a result object (see Result Object tool ). Result objects can also be cropped (see Crop tool ) .

Report pages can be inserted and deleted.

The appearance properties of the results are defined with styles, which are arranged in the Styles flyout . Styles can be assigned with the Drag&Drop function. Styles can be adjusted as well.