Adapting the construction

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Adapting the construction

Either use your version of the construction from lesson 3 or load the saved version tutorial4_en.flx from the lesson subcategory in the flixo program directory.

Figure 1

For the calculation of the  frame U-value according to the European standard EN ISO 10077-2, the glass unit has to be replaced by a panel (cf. figure 2) with the following characteristics:

The thickness of the panel should correspond to the thickness of the glass unit.

The thickness of the air cavity between the panel and the frame (cf. b1) should at least be 5mm thick.

The visible part of the panel (cf. bp) should at least be 190 mm.

According to EN ISO 10077-1, the measurements b2 and bp should correspond to the larger of the two projected widths of the frame section, without taking into account the stripping between the frame and glass unit or panel (cf. figure 2).

The thermal conductivity of the panel should be 0.035 W/(mK).

Figure 2

We will create the panel and an air cavity in the next steps. Click on the graphic below to start the video.

Adapting the construction


A rectangular domain is created with the Rectangular Domain tool . The corner points are captured with active snap functions (Grid , Guidelines and Objects, see menu Arrange).

The origin of the coordinate system can be adjusted by clicking on the icon in the upper left hand corner of the rulers and moving the mouse in the direction of the new origin and releasing at the desired spot.

When adjusting the position of an object with the keyboard (cf. Select, Move, Scale tool ), the x- and y-coordinates represent the position of the reference point .

When adjusting the size of an object with the keyboard (cf. Select, Move, Scale tool ), the reference point determines the point of the circumscribing rectangle, which is not moved during the adjustment.

The order of the objects and their visibility is taken into account during the calculation. You can adjust the order of the selected domain with the Arrange menu commands or by clicking on the corresponding icon (, , respectively ) in the arrange toolbar.

Selected elements can be rotated 90° ( respectively )or mirrored ( respectively ) by either clinking on the according icons in the arrange toolbar or by selecting the corresponding commands in the Arrange menu.

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