Assigning materials and cavity wizard

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Assigning materials and cavity wizard

Assigning materials is done like in lesson 1 and lesson 2 with the Drag&Drop function. For the analysis of the window frame, we will select materials from the EN ISO 10077-2 Standard category.

In this cross-section of the window frame, all air cavities are assigned the material Unventilated Air Cavities. According to EN ISO 10077-2, all air cavities are considered unventilated. They are either completely enclosed by a material or have a connection to the exterior, which is no more than 2 mm large. The program will automatically and iteratively calculate the equivalent thermal conductivity of the individual air chambers.

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Assigning materials and air cavity wizard


The materials are listed in the Materials flyout . In the lower part the materials from the database are listed, in the upper part materials present in the document are listed.

New materials can either be added to the upper materials list or to the materials database (see Materials flyout toolbar ).

Materials can either be assigned with the Drag&Drop function or with the Assign Properties tool .

The Assign Properties tool always assigns the selected material from the upper list by clicking on the desired element. With the Drag&Drop function you can, independently from the active tool, assign a material from the database list or from the document material list.

Air cavities in the window frame are filled with the Air Cavity EN ISO 10077-2 tool . The user defines the domain, in which all cavities and open domains are automatically filled with special air cavity material according to the standard.

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