The flixo versions at a glance

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Feature energy frame pro

Definition of the model in flixo

Multiple model pages and multiple master pages per document

Multilingual documents

Using and creating components (modules)

Automatic creation of model variants

DXF Import

Extended DXF Import (automatic material assignment, importing parts of the drawing)

THERM Import

Graphic Objects

3D equivalent Objects

Screw as an equivalent 3-dimensional Object according to standard EN ISO 12631

Heat Sources

Glass Unit Object

Parametric Objects

Layer Object

Simplified air cavity model

Air Cavity Model EN ISO 10077-2

Air Cavity Model EN ISO 10077-2 radiosity method (additional module)

Gasfilling according to standard EN ISO 673

Air Cavity Model and gasfilling according to ISO 15099 (additional module)

Document protection analogous to Excel, protection of parameters

Database, Libraries

Feature energy frame pro

Extendable Material Database

Extendable Boundary Condition Database

Extendable Component Database

Examples DIN 4108 Supplement 2


Feature energy frame pro

No mesh restriction

Automatic mesh refinement

Automatically meet of the accuracy and termination criteria required by the standard EN ISO 10211

Batch Processing

Considering surface emissivity


Feature energy frame pro


Temperature field

Stream Lines

Heat Flux Field

Heat flux

Heat flow

Isobars (Glaser)

Humidity distribution inside the construction (Glaser)


Minimum surface temperature, fRsi factor

U-Value Parallel layers

Equivalent U-Value (periodic thermal bridges)

Frame U-Value (EN ISO 10077-2)

Joint U-Value (EN ISO 12631)

Roller Shutter Box U-Value (EN ISO 10077-2)

Frame U-Value and edge U-Value according to ISO 15099


Edge Psi-Value (EN ISO 10077-2)

Linked results


Feature energy frame pro

Free customization and design of page layout

Create own document templates

Assign a template to a document

Insert formulas, text blocks, logos etc. in reports

Export the results as a picture and CSV

Export as DXF

Export the results via the Clipboard

Help and Documentation

Feature energy frame pro

Manual as pdf


Context help

Help file and online help