flixo compared with other thermal bridge programs

Two software comparisons draw the same conclusion: flixo is the best thermal bridge program. It delivers the most accurate results, calculates the fastest and is number One in user friendliness.

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Bachelor thesis at Technical University of Darmstadt (2013)

In the Bachelor thesis "Comparison of software for the analysis of two-dimensional thermal bridges" by Martin C. Müller five thermal bridge programs widely used in the German speaking area are compared with each other.

flixo as single thermal bridge program receives the mark "very good". The author Martin C. Müller writes in his conclusion: "Nach Ansicht des Verfassers besteht, mit Ausnahme von Flixo, bei den getesteten Programmen noch Bedarf, sich in verschiedenen Punkten (...) zu verbessern." ("According to the author the tested programs need to improve in various points (...) with exception of flixo.")

In the thesis the five programs are examined on the following quality features: Functions, Familiarizing, Working with the Software, Process of Simulations, Results of Simulations and Presentation of Results.

Not only in the overall rating, but also in every particular quality feature flixo scores best thermal bridge program.

Among other things, the author analyses four concrete examples with each thermal bridge program. It was found:

  1. flixo delivers the most accurate results (smallest deviation from the mean of the results)
  2. With flixo, the author solves the examples by far the fastest. He needs twice as much time and more with all other products.

Tabular summary (in German)


Diploma thesis at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences (2003)

In his diploma thesis "Comparison of computer programs for the calculation of 2-dimensional heat flow and creating a catalogue of thermal bridges", the author Christian Übelhör compares flixo pro with two other thermal bridge programs.

Evaluated quality features are Functionality, Ease of use and Performance.

In 24 of 26 evaluation criteria flixo receives most points and completes the comparison with the highest total number of points.

flixo achieves also best ratings in each particular quality feature:

  • Functionality 102 of 110 points
  • Ease of use 96 of 110 points
  • Performance 31 of 33 points


Thesis as pdf file (in German)

Tabular summary as pdf file (in German)