Fully validated thermal bridge software

flixo 8 and its preceeding versions fulfill all validation samples of the European standards EN ISO 10211 und EN ISO 10077-2.

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Validation samples and comparison with the standards

Infomind supports and greets a European-wide certification of thermal bridge programs. Until now, there exists no above-standard procedure or an institute which certifies or labels thermal bridge software European- or world-wide.

The certification is done only by fulfilling all criteria of the validation samples.

As our software is fulfilling all mentioned validation samples, flixo is a fully validated thermal bridge simulation software and can be used accordingly.

Download the calculations of the validation samples done by flixo as well as the summary of all results and the comparison with the standards as pdf-file.

Validation samples and summary of results (pdf file)

Validation samples for EN ISO 10211 (flixo file)

Validation samples for EN ISO 10077-2 Annex G (flixo file)

Validation samples for EN ISO 10077-2 Annex H (flixo file)

Validation samples for EN ISO 10077-2 Annex I (flixo file)

EN ISO 10211: 2017 (Thermal bridges in building construction - Heat flows and surface temperatures - detailed calculations)


EN ISO 10077-2:2017 (Thermal performance of windows, doors and shutters - Calculation of thermal transmittance - Part 2: Numerical method for frames)