Assign Properties Tool

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Assign Properties Tool



Retroactively other materials from the Materials flyout, other boundary conditions from the Boundary Condition flyout or other font styles from the Styles flyout can be assigned to material domains, boundary condition objects, and other arrangement elements.This can be done with the Assign Properties tool.

The Assign Properties tool encompasses two functions:

The Assign function to assign properties

The Pipette function to collect properties

How do I activate it?

The tool can be activated with the command Assign Properties in the menu Tools or by clicking on the icon on the Toolbox flyout. When the tool is active the symbol becomes a and respectively a .

How do I use it?

When the Assign Properties tool is active you can click on the corresponding domain and that in the flyouts selected and highlighted material, boundary conditions or font styles will be assigned.

By hitting the SHIFT key, the selected material or boundary condition or style will be assigned to all members of a group.

By hitting the Alt key the Assign Properties tool becomes a  pipette - correspondingly the mouse changes its symbol to a - and the information of other objects (material, boundary conditions, or styles) can be assumed as the current markings and subsequently can be assigned with the Assign Properties tool.


Only materials or boundary conditions which have already been used in the document can be used with the Assign Properties tool. In other words, entries from the materials or boundary conditions database can't be used by the Assign Properties tool.