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To create documents in flixo, you work with various tools. Each tool is used for a certain type of work process. For example, a tool can create objects, another tool can rotate or move objects. In this chapter, you will find an overview of the functions of the tools and descriptions of their use.

At the beginning of each tool description, you see a row of symbols, which symbolize the tools. An explanation of these symbols can be found on the conventions page.


In principle, you can activate every tool from the Tools, Insert, or Results menus or also by using the corresponding symbol in the Tools flyout.

Multiple Use and single Use

Tools which create new objects such as e.g. heat flux objects could either be set up in multiple use mode or in single use mode:

In the multiple use mode the present tool stays active until another  tool explicitly is activated. By holding the Alt key down the Select, Move, Scale tool can temporarily be activated. After releasing  the Alt key the previous tool is active again.

In the single use mode the Select, Move, Scale tool is activated automatically after creating an object or finishing an action. Tools with a single use mode setup can temporarily be put into the multiple use mode by double clicking on the corresponding symbol in the Tool flyout, until another tool explicitly is activated.

The standard mode of a tool can be configured in the tool options, compare the General Tools Options dialog window.

Tools overview

Tools in this chapter:

Select, Move, Scale tool

Rotate tool

Assign Properties tool

Cut tool

Delete tool

Measure Distance tool

Zoom tool

Rectangular Domain tool

Elliptical Domain tool

Polygon Domain tool

Air Cavity EN ISO 10077-2

Boundary Condition tool

Heat Source tool


Crop tool

Result Object tool

Temperature tool

Min./Max. Temperature tool

Heat Flux tool

Heat Flow tool

U-Value tool

Psi-Value tool

Dimension tool

Information tool

Line tool

Polyline tool

Rectangle tool

Ellipse tool

Text tool