What's new in version 8

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What's new in version 8

A selection of the new features and improvements of the flixo version 8:

Model and Results

Psi-Value Tool extended with the kind "1 construction"

min./max. temperature optionally takes into account the surfaces of air cavities that are open to the outside

optional display of the scale and depiction of a reference measure at output

optional display of units in the result object field function

automatic measurements of the calibration panels within the Uf-Value calculation

materials additionally possess a standard surface property

objects can be hidden or shown manually

additional possibilities for displaying areas and materials

all texts and names in documents are multilingual. The displayed language of a document can be customized

databases that are not based on national norms or external data providers are multilingual

layer assignment of objects can be customized

support of new algorithms of the norm EN ISO 10077-2:2016

review of the grid to see whether all areas have been divided

vectorized and parallelized algorithms to speed up the calculations

calculation protocol


changed rules of import for BLOCK according to AutoCAD

User Interface

alphabetical or index view for materials in the materials flyout

new delete tool

the defining of guidelines now works as in CAD-programs

edit tool with extended input through keyboard

stretching of selected objects with the edit tool

direct adding and deleting of corners with keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks through the edit tool

additional possibilities of selection and inversion of the selection

customized look&feel