What's new in version 7

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What's new in version 7

Below a selection of the new features and improvements of the flixo version 7:

Model and Results

Multiple model pages and multiple master pages per document (see context menu in the lower tabs).

Frame U-Value and Joint U-Value can be calculated either automatically or user-defined.

The wizard for the Psi-Value calculation allows additional adjustments in the calculation. The reference point can be outside of the construction.

The calculations of PSI-Value, Uf-Value and UTJ-Value are more flexible.

Automatic backup and recovery functions of open files after problems.

Roller Shutter Box U-Value calculation according to EN ISO 10077-2.

Automatically meet of the accuracy and termination criteria required by the standard EN ISO 10211. Relative heat flow error now also as a termination criterion.

Wizard to calculate the influence of screws according to EN ISO 12631

Optimized calculation of the heat flow.

You can define for results optionally the number of decimal points or the number of significant digits.

Graphical objects are taken into account by the Cavity Wizard.

Advanced options when you assign a template to a document.

Remove the mesh and the results of the calculation.

Air cavities according to EN ISO 10077-2:2012 can be calculated also anisotropic; Anisotropic calculated air cavities are shown in the material table.

User Interface

Reports and documents are protected similar to Excel. Actions and functions can be restricted specifically per file.

Start page with different links to open recently used files and to create new files.

Context help flyout with detailed explanations of the use of the active tool.

The order of the tabs can be customized, colors can be assigned to the tabs.

Support the ESC button similar to AutoCAD.

Advanced object capturing features.

Materials and boundary conditions  used in the document are highlighted.

The order of the components in the properties of the PSI-value with 3 components has been adapted: the components are listed counter-clockwise.

On the model pages the edit tool and the select, move, scale tool are two separate tools, on the report page the two tools can be grouped together.

flixo can be used with different profiles. The default template and inactive tools can be set per profile.


Many new field functions: reference to a calculated result, Relative Heat Flow Error, Sum of absolute Heat Flow, Current Program Version, Program Version Document, EN ISO 10077-2 Version.

Emissivities are listed in the boundary condition and material tables if flixo calculates them.

The external temperature can be adjusted in the fRSi calculation.

Database (Materials, Boundary conditions, Components) are split in user-defined parts and parts which are maintained by infomind or third-party. The non-user-defined database can be updated over the Internet.

Materials of www.baubook.at are integrated into flixo.

Non-empty database sections can be deleted too.

Various settings of the dialogs are proposed as default when you next open the dialog.

Parameter objects can contain groups and graphic objects.