What's new in version 4.1

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What's new in version 4.1

Here are some of the new features and improvements in flixo version 4.1:

Models and Results

Automatic filling of not fully enclosed or not materialized cavities according to EN ISO 10077-2 with a new wizard.

Defining of parametric objects constructed only by material layers with a new wizard and the application of these objects in the construction

Defining of glass units with a given U-value with a new wizard and the application of these objects in the construction.

Comprehensive replacement of materials in all domains by another material as well as comprehensive replacements of boundary conditions of all boundary condition objects by another one.

Data can be imported and exported from and to other applications by using the Building SVG Interface. Beside the geometry other information describing the construction (e.g. material properties) will be considered while importing. Depending on the program, the export data can be processed further (e.g. a direct presentation of results in an Internet Browser).

Optionally the fRsi factor including surface and critical room humidity can be shown for any surface point.

The "greatest density" can be used as a criteria for the automatic assignment of materials from domains with non-defined material properties.


Library with numerous components (like window, walls, floors etc.) for fast generation of constructions using parametric components.

Simple duplication of materials, boundary conditions, and style properties.

By pressing the ALT key the Fill tool becomes a pipette tool with which material, boundary condition, and style properties can be selected from objects and easily assigned to other objects.

Numerous new options for customizing the automatic saving, interrupting and switching to the first report page.

All objects of a specific object type can be selected. E.g. with this feature all boundary conditions can be easily selected and deleted - if needed.

For guide lines and field functions the corresponding dialogs for the creation will be shown when accessing the property command.