What's new in version 5

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What's new in version 5

A selection of new features and an update of flixo version 5:

Model and Results

Streamlines to illustrate thermal bridges

Measuring tool to measure the distance between two points in the model

Distinction of objects as graphic objects, which cannot be taken into account when calculated, but which as result objects (e.g. materials) can optionally be displayed

Simplified rotation of 90°

Rotate tool and an extended selection mode with an angle constriction to a multiplier of the element angle

Cut tool with additional numerical margin entries

By Min./Max. Temperature objects the fRsi factor and humidities can optionally be hidden

Edges inside an air cavity can optionally be ignored

Scaling factor during DXF import can be determined

As a CSV file temperature fields can be exported

Additional model features: Interior warmer than exterior for correct application of surface temperatures in hot weather climates

User Interface

New arrangement of elements and Flyout domains to individually adapt the interface

Toolbox flyout broken down into Tools list, Object list, and Tool properties

Layers display of the current page in list form

Styles display in list form with a filter function to facilitate the search of a style

German, English, French and Italian User interface languages

Keyword search in the menu

All open documents can be saved with a single command, all open windows can be closed with a single command

DXF import options can be activated shortly before importing